Sunday, August 22, 2010

Florida Guy Launches

So, Florida Guy has launched his boat - and it looks great, and he's been sailing it since June, and I'm extremely envious. On top of that I sailed on an Olson 30 yesterday for a spinnaker clinic (5 hours of pure enjoyment) and immediately came home and pulled Thumper's white, purple, and black spinnaker out of it's turtle and spread it over the backyard. Soooo cool! If only my Rodgers was finished.

But that won't be happening anythime soon. I promised my wife that the house remodel would be finished before any more boat projects are started, resumed, planned, fantisized about, or otherwise undertaken. Well, the fantisizing part might be acceptable - once in a while - but no actually picking up of the tools - unless it's for house stuff. Well, on a positive note, I will be able to work on Thumper through the winter. Hey, spring launch?????