Thursday, December 31, 2009

From the Land of Ice and Snow

Work on Thumper has frozen - literally. Our boat is hibernating under a plastic blanket and layer of snow. It's kind of pathetic when you consider that this boat was built in Florida and has only sailed in the warm waters and sunshine around Tampa Bay. It's a sad state that's punctuated by the fact that a fellow Rodgers 24 restorer, in Florida (where else), has made rapid progress towards getting his boat in the water. I check out his blog every few weeks only to see images like this one from December 13th. Are you kidding me? How can it be that green in December? Geeez, they have plants growing out of plants.

I know this isn't a competition but that little thing that makes you trim in or foot off a bit whenever another boat is near has got it going on. The synapse group that controls competitive drive is firing away. Yeah, and the envy group is probably making a contribution too. Well, at least someone will be sailing soon. Nice job Florida Guy.
Oh, and sorry about lifting the photo fom your blog. Photo credit - Florida Guy.

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