Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Fiber in my Diet

I've reinforced the settee tops with carbon fiber remnants to allow for larger access panels while maintaining lateral support to the hull. The settee tops are tabbed into the hull and form the stringers that are closets to the waterline. I'll also add 1" aluminum angle under the 2" wide sections between the openings to keep the carbon fiber in plane and to form the ledge for the access panels to rest on. We don't want anyone climbing off the boat with carbon fiber splinters in their bum because they plopped down on the "bench" a too hard.

A hairline crack formed between the cabinet and the settee on both sides of the boat. It may be a result of the cabinets and the settees being strengthened and becoming more rigid as individual components. In order to tie them together, I routed out a depression accross the crack and laid in three layers of unidirectional carbon fiber fabric. I don't know what this would be called in the boat building world - in the architectural world it would be a gusset. I'll fill it in, sand it smooth, and paint over it.