Monday, March 9, 2009

Deck Repair

The deck had several soft spots that had to be ground out and reglassed, including the area around the starboard chainplate - which is the round spot in the lower righthand corner of the photo.

The repairs along the edge of the deck were solid glass and easy to complete but there was a soft spot in the cabin house under the mast step that was about 24" in diameter. Though there is a compression strut under this area, a soft spot here would not allow for proper tension and tuning of the rig. The only thing to do was to remove the outer layer of fiberglass replace the rotted balsa core and reglass the entire area. The original builders of the boat left the balsa core exposed when they cut a slot for the keel control wire which allowed water to migrate into the core and create the soft spot. To guard against future problems in this area I filled the area directly under the mast step with a blend of epoxy, high density filler, and microfiber filler. This should not only stand up to the compression between the mast base and the strut but should also illiminate the possibilty of future water intrusion into the core.

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